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What if everyone could build their own mobile work apps to get their work done in a collaborative way?

With Podio’s iPhone app release this is now possible. We’ve been following Podio pretty closely, and so far, we’ve been very impressed.

When Podio launched back in March, the BBC called Podio a citizen developers movement. Since then our users have built or modified more than 200,000 work apps (see some of them here). In fact anyone can build an app on Podio, without technical skills. With today’s iPhone app release Podio users can put all of those work apps on their iPhones:

Want to become part of the movement to change the way people work? Podio might just be something for you to check out.

See our [Tool Review] on Podio here.

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  1. In the BBC article, Salesforce’s Tim Barker is quoted as saying that “the ‘citizen developer’ is nothing new. ‘In businesses there is a long tail of apps in a business that traditionally people built either using desktop tools or Excel, or Microsoft Access, or visual basic.'”

    Having been in the software field prior to PCs, I also agree asI worked on a mainframe product that allowed end-users wioth so software development knowledge to create databases, perform queries, and generate reports. It existed about 35 years ago along with 3-4 other similar products. In many ways, just the platforms have changed plus the hardware power to support GUI interfaces.

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