PMI Agile Certification – The Race is On

So. You’ve all heard about the PMI Agile Certification, right? If not, where have you been?

With books like this (by a rockstar in his own right – Andy has the #1 selling PMP Exam book out there), and sites like [] popping up, it seems that the race is on to be first to market with:

  1. Test Preparation Materials
  2. Consulting and Course Training
  3. Agile-specific PDU training
  4. and more!

So what? Sharks smelling blood? Opportunists on the horizon? Or just good old capitalism? What’s your thoughts?

By the way. I’d love for anyone to comment on this and add any sites they’ve found out there on the interwebs that are catering to the new PMI Agile Certification.

Let us know!

9 Replies to “PMI Agile Certification – The Race is On”

  1. If you go to Andy’s site, he’s already calling it the PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner). I would prefer that if PMI settles on that name. It would calm those who take issue with using words like “Master” or “Professional” in a title.

  2. Well, I think the PMI certification will be self limiting, in the sense that, IIRC, people are requried to have “two years” of “agile” experience.

    So people will not just be able to jump on a massive freeloading bandwagon, unless they falsify their experience…

    I really don’t think there are all that many people with 2 years of credible agile background. If they enforce this restriction strongly, it will not balloon out of control the way the CSM stuff did.


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