Personal Kanban Board

There are many different ways to manage ones time. We here at Agile Scout chose an Agile method (the Kanban at HOME method). It kind of just makes sense since I’m a huge proponent of Agile methodologies like Kanban.

You manage your house as you see fit, for me and my household we use kanban:

  • Backlog – Can be any kind of idea, not necessarily executable. Mostly it’s my wife (the CEO) letting me know what I need to do.
  • In-Process – Actually working on it NOW.
  • Done – With our definition of “Done” meaning work has been published according to our release schedule on the calendar (for AgileScout), or “Done” according to the master Product Owner, my lovely bride (whom you can see at the top left corner of the photo above, so I remember who runs-dis-house).

Our WIP limit for In-Process work is 2-4 depending on the day. Very simple. Because, frankly, we Agile bloggers have so much stuff in our brains that we want to do but really need to focus to complete just a couple of items at a time. Maybe I have project manager A.D.D. that @derekhuether talks about.

How do you manage your work load?

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