People, NOT Technology

One of the most important things that I’ve discovered over the last two decades of building software and leading technology teams is that technology is never really the problem, especially in terms of leadership.

People are the challenge 9 out of 10 times because it’s people that ultimately have to use the technology and the solutions that a technology manager and leader provide.

Execution is always far easier than change management and the introduction (just introducing, not implementing) new systems is always easier than getting people to like them, much less actually use them effectively and well.

The examples are too numerous to give but there are few better examples in our socially-connected world than social media and the so-called strategies therein.

For example signing up for a Facebook account for our business takes all but 15 seconds – faster if you’ve setup an account before. But executing on a Facebook page for your business is not a strategy. In fact, Facebook isn’t a strategy at all.

Any good leader knows that his biggest challenge is the people first and technology as a very, very distant second.

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