Solving the Challenge of Overworked Staff

A Gallup poll cited that work stress is the number one reason for employee dissatisfaction. To be honest I’m not sure why this had to be ever polled; I mean, was there ever any doubt?

When working conditions are unsuitable and the job gets overwhelming it challenges not just work satisfaction but also productivity, morale, and eventually profitability if it goes on long enough.

Like all pieces of information these days someone had to go and make an infographic of it all – but this one showcased a few thoughts from the perspective of how a manager and/or organization can spot an over-worked employee.

Take a look and see for yourself (click to enlarge):

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Agile Coaches Must Understand Culture!

Here’s the hard truth: You are not as effective as you possibly could be.

Let’s be even more honest for a moment, shall we? As an organizational coach andĀ Agile coachĀ I know first-hand what it’s like going into a company and not having the faintest clue as to what they are reallyĀ like. Yes, I got the “brief,” I’ve had the meetings, I even had a few 1-on-1’s, but I really haven’t gotten the whole story. Often, it’s 100% my fault too, as I had not set up the engagement to allow me greater time to sit down and more fully understand the culture…

I would venture that you may have experienced something like this as well… You and I both know that it’s really difficult to get a solidĀ pulse on theĀ cultural and team dynamics at play – sometimes we’re simply flying blind.

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ScrumMaster Value

When considering the ā€œvalueā€ of a ScrumMaster, there is a clear evidence of the overall value of an effective ScrumMaster.

Here are some extra things to read if youā€™re considering investing in a great ScrumMaster or Product Owner:

Here are some data points (rounded) from Joe Little:

Team Cost per Year $1,000,000
Ratio of Bus. Value to Cost 3
Curr Bus. Value produced per Year $3,000,000
Cost of Curr ScrumMaster (annual) $125,000
Cost of Better SM $150,000
Net Investment in new SM $25,000
Inc in Bus. Value in first Year 100.00% Ā  beg yr to end-of-year
Assume: This issolely from increase in Team velocity due to removing impediments
Rate of increase in first year steady
Net Increase in First Year $1,500,000
Cost of First Yr Impediment Removal $200,000
TOTAL RETURN (First Yr) $1,500,000
Return %Ā  (Return to Investment) 667% First year