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I chose AgileScout to be a leader in Agile Software Development News. My dream was to build it far beyond myself and become a place where people write, discuss, and promote the best practices in technology.

I build stuff… and I want you to re-think how you do business.

My life and time bandits:

It’s great to have a wonderful team of really top-notch people. This is what AgileScout is all about.

michael-krafick-agileMichael Krafick

Michael Krafick is a certified techno-weenie, certified Scrum Master, and IBM Champion for Information Management. He is a database administrator with experience in highly transactional databases and large data warehouses. You can read more from Michael at http://db2commerce.com where he is an occasional author.

jenny-mintz-about2JENNY MINTZ

I am Jenny Mintz, (wife, friend, co-worker) working with an amazing company, Action & Influence www.myai.org where we care about PEOPLE. What an amazing work space we have in the 21st Century..  I became aware of Agile back in 2009 and I was LATE!!!  What a beautiful world I was coming to love, but what I found is that I was living in this world the whole time.. It’s collaboration that I have always craved.  Now Software Development and the actual desires of folks, made my world turn round and round.. What a beautiful concept!!  PEOPLE & TECHNOLOGY together!!  What a concept.. It made perfect scene to me.. Please join me in the belief that PEOPLE can make the biggest change in world… POSITIVE CHANGE!!!


I love to help others build great systems and businesses, by:

  1. Building people – as coworkers, colleagues, competitors;
  2. Reaching out – to clients, customers, communities; and
  3. Finding better ways – improving ideas, tools, processes.

I love to learn, love to share, and help others do so. By modeling servant leadership, facilitating interactions, and promoting agile practices, I help others succeed in learning, relating, and contributing to the success of their groups by self-organizing around shared goals for business and personal growth. I enjoy collaboration!

My technical background includes several decades of “hard core” software development and systems integration, diversified “been there–done that” experience, and many lessons learned. My best lesson so far? Every business is a people business!

My so-called “agile”  journey began in the 1990′s. Along the way, I have been mentored by some amazing people, and hired to mentor others. From time to time, I have specialized in “highly reliable” engineering methods and high reliability systems, some of which require “high assurance” for human-rated service.  Full circle, so it seems, from people to people.

Relevant certifications: PMI-ACP, PMP, CSM, 6σGB. Trained in General Systems Thinking, Problem Solving Leadership, Systems Engineering, Lean Pull Thinking, and–thanks to my parents–Servant Leadership.

My advice for today? Be the blessing you wish to see in this world.  😉


I have had an awesome 13 years of experience in IT industry. I am always learning and have been an agile learner since 2006 and have been implementing & advocating agile practices with all of my clients.

Some roles I’ve played in the past, credentials, volunteer activities:

  • Team member / ScrumMaster / Product Owner / QA Analyst, Functional Lead, Project Lead, Business Analyst, and Project Management Consultant.
  • I also have a Bachelors in Engineering and am also a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) & Project Management Professional (PMP).
  • On the SF Agile 2012 conference committee. I volunteer as a Program Manager with PMI Atlanta’s Agile Interest Group and am a Product Owner on PMI Agile Community of Practice for Knowledge Management & Community Editorial board teams.

Don’t get me wrong, I love free time too. I’m a BIG TIME foody, amateur photographer, amateur golfer and I like to improve my guitar skills when I can find time between my crazy schedule. On weekends, I prefer to focus on health by going on long walks, hiking and swimming with my wife, Meghana.


Call me a longtime techno-catalyst and marketer – passionate about product and innovation, I am happy becoming more Agile!  Some would call me a Product Professional and Agile Explorer 🙂

Listening to the market to identify customer needs, I work with development and stakeholder teams to build engaging, profitable, cool products. What’s not to like about learning to use methods that enhance interpersonal, team building and product management skills, at the same time growing the bottom line? I welcome your feedback and support while I undertake this journey.

The personal history:  I have a black belt in Ho Shin Do karate, I kissed the Blarney Stone and rode a bike down Mt Haleakala in a windstorm (hated those tour buses). It was the blend of seeing the innovation at Xerox Parc firsthand while working with PC that made me believe technology doesn’t have to be hard.



My goal is to help people become better at what they do at work and who they are as individuals. I think agile is a form of personal transformation. The greatest asset a company has is its people. You can have all the structure, process and controls in place. Without people to challenge the status quo a company will never reach its full potential.

I started my working career in environmental science. The day-to-day activity of a service based laboratory led me to my first taste of agile using lean manufacturing techniques and short, fast feedback loops. I now focus on IT with a side of agile and have served from entry-level programmer to CIO. I have been writing software for about 10 years and enjoy every moment of it. I currently serve as a team lead and software developer of web applications.

“There is nothing like breaking down complex problem into nice simple solutions that work. I believe in sharing knowledge that helps people become more satisfied with their work and themselves.”

I classify myself as a technologist with empathy. I understand the intricacies in the cold logic of computers. I also try to understand the inner workings and flaws within all of us that write simple yet complex systems and the dichotomy of those two things.

I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and starting work towards a Masters in Applied Psychology. I also hold a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) designation. I believe an agilest is a blended set of technology and humanities experience.

For fun, I like to study my craft by learning new technologies and techniques, applying those ideas to everyday life. I try attending as many conferences in my budget. If I am broke, I will take my dog for a walk or fly an airplane three states over to get a sandwich.


Ed Hill is Search Marketing Manager. After many years of managing marketing projects the waterfall way, Ed believes that Agile marketing has made his marketing tactics faster to implement. Iterative Agile also helps the marketing team to test and to quickly identify successful marketing tactics. With short two week sprints, unsuccessful marketing initiatives are quickly identified and phased out. After 9 years in TV advertising, online marketing and SEO, Ed is a committed agile evangelist.

Ed’s specialty is combining search engine optimization, content building and social media marketing to gain the optimum effect in online marketing. Ed enjoys teaching these methods to make copywriters and marketing teams more effective.

Ed is a skilled photographer and enjoys mountain biking and hiking with his wife Stacey.

Faisal Mahmood is the author of the book Agile Adoption Mistakes You Must Avoid and several articles on Agile and Scrum. Faisal is a Certified Professional Scrum Trainer based in London, UK. Faisal trains, mentors and coaches individuals, teams and organizations during their Agile and Scrum adoption journey in London and around the world.

Faisal started using Scrum in 2005, while working for F-Secure Corporation. Since 2007, he has been helping various companies in their transition to Scrum and Agile in Finland and the UK including Telefonica O2 UK, British Gas, Elisa and Itella Information.


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