OpenAgile – Open Source Agile Method

There are many flavors of Agile out there. Here is another one to add to the mix: OpenAgile, the world’s only open source agile method.

OpenAgile is a system for rapidly delivering value that is based on three foundations.

1. Truthfulness
“Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues.”

2. Consultative Decision-Making
“We never undertook to do any thing of any importance which was likely to affect each other, without mutual consultation. We were generally a unit, and moved together.”

3. The Learning Circle
“Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.”

Anyone doing work that needs to be organized, effective, and high-quality can use OpenAgile. By using OpenAgile to build capacity, improve processes, and generate rapid and deep learning, people can become more reliable, hyper-producers of value for their customers, communities and society.

I signed up… but then I found out that like many other methods… there is a price associated with certification. Ah, the joys of Agile certification!

Make sure to check it out. Definitely worth adding to your Agile-tool belt!

[VIA: OpenAgile]

4 Replies to “OpenAgile – Open Source Agile Method”

  1. There is always money to be made. As they say where there is prey there are always vultures!

    I never understood whats the deal with *new* agile methods. Deming gave those 14 points in what 1980s? and almost all agile principles can be traced to somewhere there.

    Btw what does source in open source agile method really mean ?

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