Office Hours and Conformity – No. Delivery is King!


Why is this still a thing? (Unless you actually have a meeting at 9AM… which changes the context)

I find it fascinating that in many corporate contexts that: conformity equates to productiveness (in terms of perception).

This is not true.

In Agile, our most powerful evidence of effort is delivery.

Don’t miss this point. Almost nothing else matters.

  • Progress
  • Status
  • Sign Offs
  • Productivity metrics
  • Performance metrics
  • Trends
  • Graphs
  • Pie charts
  • Reports

I could go on and on… but none of that matters.

Ask yourself a powerful question.

Would you rather tell your leadership/CEO/executive/manager that:

“We are working hard.”


“We have delivered something, would you like to review it?”

Delivery is everything. Progress means nothing. Deliver fast. Validate your assumptions fast.

3 Replies to “Office Hours and Conformity – No. Delivery is King!”

  1. Strong point! My Engineering lead and I are working on instilling this mindset with our team after some sprints of not hitting delivery goals.

    In today’s world, doesn’t matter as much WHEN you do the work as long as you deliver results.

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