No Greater Sacrifice – True Service Leadership

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I travel almost every week of every month. This past week I witnessed something that brought tears to my eyes.

As I was waiting for my flight to arrive, and arrive it did. Only this time, there were men in uniform waiting, and a group of families waiting as well.

A hush came over the terminal as people began to crowd towards the windows for an experience that makes you introspect deeply.

The men and woman in uniform moved with routine precision, marching together, pivoting in perfect unison. The families on the tarmac wept openly, two (assumed) sisters of the soldier held each other, tissues in hand. They were there waiting for their beloved to return home for the last time.

It makes you think… it makes you wonder about your life, your value and worth. It makes you wonder what types of sacrifices you’ve made… none coming close to comparison with the ultimate sacrifice that many of our soldiers give.

“All give some, some give all.” – Slogan on a sign off to the side of the tarmac in respect for our warriors.

As an organizational consultant and Agile Coach, I believe in service leadership. I believe in servant leadership. I believe that to create high-performance companies… to create high-performance teams… to create a culture and environment where people love to work, and do great work, sacrifices need to be made. What am I talking about here? I’m talking about accountability, responsibility, and intentionality needed from leadership and management to create cultures within their companies that support their people. Not just saying they “support them” but actually digging in deep to support their people. This takes time. It takes a massive amount of effort. It takes emotion. It takes a ton of work. Leadership and management who work tirelessly FOR their people will create company cultures worth being in. I’ve rarely seen this. Really. Rarely.

Consider this: A leader who tirelessly spends his time pouring into his employees. Who spends more than his fair share of intentional time coaching, supporting, and growing his employees. <- When was the last time you saw this? When was the last time that YOU did this?

We live in a free country because individuals like our soldiers give their lives for our freedom. They serve us. We/I/me, can learn a lesson from this. Serve others. Work tirelessly to help others and pour our lives into others. Is this the ultimate calling of a coach? I believe so… and I’ll try my best. I hope you will too.

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  1. Peter, It’s the bravery of men and women like this that has made our land free and continuously so. We lost an uncle to WW2 and my brother and husband have both served. May God bless and keep them and their families in His good grace.

    Did you notice the pilots? They salute. Probably ex-military. They know, they understand.

    Thanks for reminding us.


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