Need Wallboard – IdeaPaint can Help!

Looking to make your office or home-office wall a surface for ideas? Look no further, IdeaPaint might just be the best home-office decision you’ve made in a long time.

  • Larger dry-erase surface for less $
  • Just one coat
  • Warranty-guaranteed
  • No cracking, peeling, staining or yellowing
  • No costly removal – just paint over it
  • Uses fewer raw materials
  • 60 lbs less than other whiteboards its size
  • Least expensive to ship and install
  • Erases effortlessly
  • As smooth as the surface you paint
  • No seams

Office Wallboard

Other uses? Home-office, schools, your office-that-doesn’t-allow-anything-to-be-posted-up-on-the-walls-due-to-terrible-office-policies?
At home!

[VIA: IdeaPaint]

5 Replies to “Need Wallboard – IdeaPaint can Help!”

  1. I’ll take this over chalkboard paint any day of the week! Chalkboard paint is so…so…yesterday. If you’re having a hard time selling the idea of painting the whole wall, just buy a frame for it. Tada! Now you have a fancy looking wallboard.

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