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Agile management overall is based on the simple fact that projects, marketing, business, life, etc., are dynamic, not static. You make plans, but things change. The best teams and organizations are able to respond quickly to such change and capitalize on it. – Scott Brinker, Co-founder & CTO ion interactive, inc.

Sharing my scribbled notes from audience participation and panel leadership – Atlanta TAG Product Management Society event, The Agile Affect:

  • Agile methods encourage cross-silo teams to come together on projects quickly and easily and to dynamically reconfigure from cycle to cycle.
  • Focus only on the important things, but from who’s perspective (ours/theirs)? Could be a point of friction or a good way to start dialog.  (Lot’s of head nods)
  • Cooperation between stakeholders has to be fluid.
  • Be aware that even in Agile development, there are delays due to “outside your control” such as obtaining licenses or legal reviews. Get over it, get it done.
  • MVP*  is possible outside of product development. Help your colleagues get their arms around how to do this.

And this, from the audience:  “Does Agile’s short iterations make a PM very “in the weeds” and less outward looking? Can you still be strategic and Agile?”

  • You should still be driven by an overarching vision, mission, and strategy — which provides clarity in how you react to change — but your tactics are adaptive and responsive. It’s the balanced blend of intended strategy and emergent strategy.
* I call this MVWP – minimal value work-product. “Value” rather than “viable” because work product must be valuable.

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