[Misc Tools] – CageApp – Design Sharing Made Easy

Simple apps are the best by far. This app makes sharing designs and comps easy and free.

Simply put, you create a project, upload what you want to share, and then share it! What is nice is you create a vanity url of sorts, we created agilescout.cageapp.com. Very simple.

  • Find the project you’re looking for – We track your project history and make it easier for you to access your most recent work.
  • Collaborate where it makes sense – Eliminate the need for lengthy emails and meetings and collect feedback right on top of your designs.
  • Privacy options your clients will appreciate – Flexibility to add or customize passwords to protect your projects, so that your work stays private.
  • Web-based presentation, nothing to download – The freedom to access your presentation from anywhere you can connect to the web.
  • Share your work with a simple link – No need for user accounts or logins, share a unique URL to your presentation for review and feedback.
  • Quick, inline editing couldn’t be easier – Edit, preview, and rearrange your designs with drag/drop and inline editing.

Before I forget, currently this is a closed beta… but you can join by using the unlock code: “john.”

Jump on it!

[VIA: CageApp]

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