What is Agile Scout? – Our Manifesto

Agile Scout has been around for a short while, but evidently we’ve been making a big impact in the Agile community. From reviewing products and tools, meeting up with our tweets, having some very fun conversations with other Agile coaches, to even becoming the “most influential” project manager resource on twitter (golf clap).

But what is Agile Scout really all about?

We’ve been asked by quite a few about what we stand for and while we can simply point them to our about page sometimes it’s just easier to spell it out.

de·moc·ra·tize  vt \di-ˈmä-krə-ˌtīz\ – The act of making something democratic, i.e. to make something available for all

Agile Scout is here to make Agile methodologies available for all people. We want to break down the walls to entry and allow those that want to learn about various Agile practices find a resource to do so.

So many people in companies want better ways to do Agile software development. Many are turning to Agile as a framework to help guide them in that process. We hear a lot about certification these days, experts and coaches, conferences and seminars. What happened to the simple manifesto that was created about 10 years ago? Where did that go?

We here at Agile Scout are not self-proclaimed experts. We are practitioners. We actively lead, coach, and implement Agile software development methods to our clients and businesses.

Do we have all the right answers? Absolutely not.

Do we have an inquisitive mind and a willingness to continue to learn? Absolutely.

Our goal is simple:

Democratize Agile. Be a resource for all people. From the “Tenderfoot” (n00bie) to the seasoned veteran, we love to pool our collective brainpower and serve our clients, our businesses, and our own lives, to the best of our ability.

We are an independent voice democratizing Agile.

Would you like to be a part of the revolution? Hit us up.

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