LIVE Interview with Victor Hernandez – 1/13/2011

01.13.2011 – LIVE Interview with Victor Hernandez from Agile Scout on Vimeo.

Thanks to all that participated. We had a couple of technical difficulties in the beginning, but we worked it out. Hey, we’re Agile after all right?

Total viewers was 19 people! Not bad for a last minute interview session!

Thanks again to Victor Hernandez, you can find him @vhernandez

[Make sure to check out] for the next episodes!

5 Replies to “LIVE Interview with Victor Hernandez – 1/13/2011”

  1. I’m sorry I missed the first one! Damn day job got in the way.

    LinkedIn’s founder, Reid Hoffman, was quoted as saying
    “If you’re not somewhat embarrassed by your 1.0 product launch, then you’ve released too late.” It doesn’t matter if you had a few technical difficulties. You did it!

    I look forward to many future interviews.
    Congratulations on your launch!

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