Know Who Your Customers Are

I recently received a note in the mail from Oliver Peoples, a high-end sunglasses manufacturer. This shop, in [Costa Mesa, California] sent me a note [I live in Atlanta, Georgia] to let me know they are now rolling out an “ASIAN FIT COLLECTION.”

Some notables:

  • I’ve never been to Costa Mesa, CA
  • I don’t wear Oliver Peoples (I’m a Maui Jim guy)
  • How the heck did they know I’m asian?
  • How the heck did they know that I struggle with sunglasses because I lack a prominent caucasian nose-bridge and need extra support?
  • #SCARY

What is even more interesting is that…

  • Yes. I will now look at their sunglass line
  • Yes. They targeted me just right as a potential customer
  • Yes. I’m actually super impressed at their marketing

What can we learn from this? – Know who your customers are. Go the extra mile… maybe that might even mean doing some¬†reconnoissance of some sort. It takes time and effort to really know who your real customers are and target/market them correctly. In Agile, we have a Product Owner for that role… but you can go beyond that. You can have other members of your team know your end customer as well.

Is it worth the work? I would say so.

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  1. I “like” this post!

    Yes, I agree 100% that all team members can (and should)get to know your company’s customers. Reminds me of a quote from Peter Drucker, “Marketing is the whole business seen from the customer’s point of view.”


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