Kidzban – Kanban for Your Classroom

If you’re a teacher, you need to check out what one teacher @topsurf is doing for her class: Putting her kids on a Kanban workflow system.

A quick scan of her blog will tell you, she loves her some personal Kanban. While Kanban is great for software development and teams new to Agile, personal Kanban can be used for life.

Dubbed, “Kidzban,” personal Kanban on a Child’s level, Patty has seen many posts on successful kidzbans being used at home. That led her to think about bringing it into the classroom last year and using it on the Pre-k level. So far Patty has found great success in it.

“I have used Personal Kanban in almost every aspect of my life since learning about it on the Personal Kanban website. I truly believe there is not one instance in which you can’t apply Personal Kanban. NOT ONE.”

A huge Kanban fan? You betcha. Patty’s other blog posts range from personal Kanban with swimming to dealing with sleeping issues.

There seems to be a place for personal Kanban in every part of life. If your looking for a good read and how to apply Kanban to your life, make sure you hit up her blog below.

By the way, she also runs Layers of Love, an organization dedicated to supporting chemotherapy patients. +10 to charisma.

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      1. My apologies: you do link to an actual article about the approach, but only in the *least obvious place* – the one that (by linking norms) should link to the *person/site* from whom you heard about it, buried waaay down at the bottom.

        Of the other 5: one is to a chemotherapy site (yes, Patty’s, but not about this topic), one to a twitter feed that doesn’t tell me about this topic in any succinct way, and 3 very generic kanban info, not about this topic, 2 of which are self promotion.

        The link that *should* go to the specific article (Putting her kids on a Kanban workflow system) goes to one of your own generic articles.

        Usability much?

        1. Thanks Martin for the feedback. Actually, we follow web better practices utilizing the correct tags at the bottom of an article to show where we got the original source from.

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