[Announcement] – AgileScout Welcomes Karol McCloskey as Executive Contributor

AgileScout.com is happy to announce that we’ve grown +1 (another one)!

We’re happy to introduce Karol McCloskey as she joins AgileScout as an Executive Contributor.

Call me a longtime techno-catalyst and marketer – passionate about product and innovation, I am happy becoming more Agile!  Some would call me a Product Professional and Agile Explorer 🙂

Listening to the market to identify customer needs, I work with development and stakeholder teams to build engaging, profitable, cool products. What’s not to like about learning to use methods that enhance interpersonal, team building and product management skills, at the same time growing the bottom line? I welcome your feedback and support while I undertake this journey.

The personal history:  I have a black belt in Ho Shin Do karate, I kissed the Blarney Stone and rode a bike down Mt Haleakala in a windstorm (hated those tour buses). It was the blend of seeing the innovation at Xerox Parc firsthand while working with PC that made me believe technology doesn’t have to be hard.


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  1. Welcome Karol!

    Great to have another collaborator on our team! You are now an Agile Scout, in addition to being a fellow UCONN Husky… “Go Huskies!”

    PS: “Go Huskies!” includes Lady Huskies doesn’t it? My teenage daughter said as much on behalf of a room full of her friends. “Dad, just say ‘guys!’, that means all of us. OK?”, after I had greeted them as “guys & gals.” I’m still learning… 😉

    1. The guys, Lady Huskies, did awesome last night after a scary finish to the first half, beat the rival Notre Dame.

      Really looking forward to working with you all.
      Hat tip ! Peter for making this happen.

      Let’s rock this Agile world…

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