Kanban Applied to Scrum

I enjoyed this short and concise video on Kanban.

Kanban is a lean Agile methodology.

Kanban is a visual queue of work and helps with, as BTI360 states, the issues around unclear development steps, task switching, and partially done work.

  • Kanban helps with unclear development steps in that Kanban helps the team visualize flow of work and high level transparency to involved stakeholders.
  • Kanban helps with constant task switching in that Kanban helps by placing work-in-progress limits so that team members can focus on completion of work or value.
  • Kanban helps with partially done work in that Kanban helps by delivering fully complete work 100%.
Highly visible flow helps team address bottlenecks and on-demand improvement. Adjustments are made as they surface.

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      1. Ok. I’m already doing Scrum. let’s say there are only two testers in the team. Does that mean that the testing column has the number 2. And i have 5 developers who can work on 4 user stories, so implementation is 4. Something like that. And then try to improve?

        it feels a little bit like waterfall or am i wrong.

        1. Yes. You can start there. When there are blockages through the system, other developers/team members can help swarm the story to help it get complete.

          It isn’t waterfall, but more manufacturing-esque.

          What we find is that through visually seeing progress through a kanban board, you can see where blockages are and understand WIP (work in progress) limits on teams better.

          Kanban is about continuous flow through the system, understanding how to improve flow of work. A great resource is:

  1. I don’t think Scrum has the issues raised in this video; so long as you do Scrum and not ScrumBut (it’s Scrum, but…) – and of course, ScrumBut isn’t Scrum… Just saying 😉

    Interesting video none the less. Thanks for sharing.

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