Kaizen – Continuous Improvement on Self

In order to continue providing value to our customers and clients it is important that we continue to re-evaluate ourselves as well. We’ve written on aspects of this before here, and here, but a recent article by Nathalie Udo reminds us of a couple more ways to evaluate yourself.

She comes at this issue from a different vantage point in that there are often excuses for why we don’t continually improve ourselves. Her points come from a recent PMI Leadership Institute meeting after the PMI Global Congresses by Troy Hazard.

The four main excuses we forego personal improvement:

  1. I have no time!
  2. I’m different (having a different personal situation)!
  3. I’ll look dumb if I ask questions!
  4. I don’t know what to do!

Upon reading Udo’s article it became apparent to me that I’ve done exactly those same things before. Given excuses for why I wasn’t willing to make changes to improve my situation. For me, it seems like it all comes down to personal priority and personal goals.

If one’s personal goals are to improve one’s performance and continue to provide value for a client, then why wouldn’t personal improvement be a part of that? Maybe one doesn’t care enough to change.

There has to be a point where enough if enough.

It’s time to make a change. Do you want to be a “company man” who works for the same company for 30+ years in the same position? Hey, if that’s the goal, then continue on! But if you’re looking for something greater, to move yourself to a higher level of value then continuously improve your craft.

We’re surrounded by people like that who are content with where they are, yet complain all the way. Don’t be that. Move yourself to a higher playing field. Do something. Set goals. Get an accountability partner to encourage you. Challenge yourself.

See more on Nathalie Udo’s reasons we won’t improve ourselves here.


9 Replies to “Kaizen – Continuous Improvement on Self”

  1. Great post and dead on with its observation.

    Like many, I often neglect self evaluation; sometimes I just do not like my answers… 🙂

  2. Ofcourse personal mastery is one of the greatest motivation for effective teams. Always strive for personal satisfaction for an individual when assigning to a project. Thats an intrinsic motivation for stellar performance. Thats a view point from organisation training an individual.

    For an individual learning efforts I just have to say “When you stop, learing you career as a programmer is OVER”

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