Jira Jr. – Project Tracking for Kids?

I opened this up in the office and I literally said out loud: “Oh my goodness. You’ve got to be kidding me.”

I assume it’s an April fools joke… but reading the comments on this video was even better than the video itself…

For example:

Don Draper 13 hours ago

hah-hah, april foo? Jira is another sorry product turning engineers/creatives into robots and stifling imagination/innovation. There are better, more efficient products out there. shAtlassian prides itself on being the master of masturbatory mundaneness in tracking the superfluous to enable wanker managers to see how their cube bots slave away to make money for these corporate turds who haven’t the brains to be engineers themselves, but lie and cheat and stomp on people to get to the top.

People. Lighten up!

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