It’s Not Small Change (Series 4 of 4)

Part 4 of Agile Product Marketing Series:

  1. Product Marketing Becomes Agile
  2. What’s a Product Marketer Doing with a Roadmap?
  3. The Launch Queen Speaks
  4. It’s Not Small Change

This is the last of a series written to help Agile and B2B Marketing teams understand each other’s conversations and methods.  Previously, we discussed how Agile practices can integrate within traditional product launch management and commercialization.


It’s the people- the human element– that we’re talking about.  We can say “process change” or “change management” but it’s about aligning different groups’ expectations, building stronger communication links and forging deeper understanding of each other.  In short, change is moving from the current state to a more desired future state. It’s a lot about motivating people through the process.

Adopting Agile in other than product development teams forces a change in the organization. Here’s why I think it’s important to do.

We Really Are On the Same Page

Marketing and Product Teams are all about captivating the customer by creating new and better products.  The conversation between customers and product begins with development and continues with marketing, sales, customer service. You cannot separate Product Development from Marketing and other teams without negatively impacting the business.

“Marketing is the whole business seen from the customer’s point of view.” – Peter Drucker

From Drucker’s perspective, everyone in the company is working in Marketing.  I believe if we work together sooner, understand each other’s focus, our customers benefit.  There really is no other way to get it done and well done. Sharing Agile methods will get us there.

I’d love to hear your stories, successes and the lessons learned.

Keep on keeping on!


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  1. This is the most concise summary of how the customer views your company: “everyone in the company is working in Marketing”. Karol, thanks for this insight filled series.

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