[InfoGraphic] – What is a Product Owner Responsible For?

Sometimes pictures are the best way to communicate something. When we came across this diagram of a Product Owners responsibilities, we liked it a lot.
Here’s a list form.
Product Owner Responsibilities:
  • Creates the product vision
  • Grooms the product backlog
  • Plans the release
  • Collaborates with ScrumMaster and team
  • Manages the product roadmap
  • Attends the sprint meetings
  • Collaborates with stakeholders
Product Owner Artifacts:
  • Product vision
  • Product backlog
  • Release burndown
  • Product roadmap

6 Replies to “[InfoGraphic] – What is a Product Owner Responsible For?”

    1. Thanks so much for the link. What I’ve found that works is a Product Ownership Team, or Product Management Team. This team works together to provide what needs to be prioritized and worked on. Having a one man do it is sometimes way too much responsibility and (liability).

  1. Product Owner Responsibilities: Attends the Spring meetings.

    What about those of Summer, Autumn and Winter?

    I’ll just get my coat 😀

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