iDoneThis – Lightweight Updates and Status Reporting for Scrum Teams

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iDoneThis is a tool that promises to bring lightweight status reporting to every company.  Its secret sauce is that it makes the process incredibly simple.  It’s the easiest way that I’ve found to run a stripped down daily standup… maybe even for dispersed teams.

If anyone you know has been too intimidated to try Agile because of what appears to be complicated rules and protocols, just turn them on to iDoneThis.  It attempts to capture the essence of scrum — daily iterative progress and improvement — without much of the overhead.

With iDoneThis, you aren’t going to get a product that’s loaded with features and configurability options.  If you’re looking for a very specific agile product and process, iDoneThis isn’t the tool for you.  iDoneThis’s is mantra is to keep it simple, and you might be surprised how powerful that is.

iDoneThis is so easy to use that after you sign up, you can keep using iDoneThis without ever having to go to their website again.

Here’s how it works.Every night, the whole team gets an email from iDoneThis asking, “What’d you get done for today?”  Just reply.  Whatever you write gets recorded in one place that you can search and review.   The next morning, the team wakes up to an email from iDoneThis.  It shows us a person-by-person list of what everyone on our team accomplished the day before.

Impressed with what one of your team members has done? Send them positive feedback and start a conversation with a single click.  The iDoneThis emails make it so easy to give feedback that it becomes almost reflexive.  See something cool?  Let that person know.

It’s that easy to keep the team in sync and making deliberate progress on a daily rhythm.

iDoneThis is an excellent tool because of its simplicity.  There’s no need to sacrifice individual workflow preferences for team needs, or vice versa.  Integration with email and cool communication features ensure that all team management needs are met.  It’s a simple tool that just makes life simpler.

If you see something you like, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial here.

4 Replies to “iDoneThis – Lightweight Updates and Status Reporting for Scrum Teams”

  1. WOW!!! Outta sight, man! I love this!

    It works for dispersed team members, too, and for asynchronous correspondents.

    I also appreciate the pricing.
    1. Personal: Free. Makes a great personal work journal. I needed that! I just launched mine today.
    2. Teams: About US$0.15/person/weekday, or 0.10/person/day every day, after the 30 day trial.

    So, my sincere gratitude and kudos to the iDoneThis team!!!

    And, Peter, thank you for highlighting this tool. What a great find!!!

    You blessed me today!

  2. Peter – really you would replace daily standup with this? I think we see Daily Scrum for completely different purposes. I see it as a short meeting where human workout how they collaborate for the day. Humans need to interact with other humans for Daily Scrum to work, if they just use tools the value will be lost.

    Sad in Ottawa
    Mark Levison

    1. Totally agree with you here Mark, I think you know where I stand.
      In lieu of a perfect world… for example, one of my clients with 50K+ employees with 80% of development OFF SHORE… daily interaction isn’t always possible.
      We then turn to tools. Though, as I’ve stated before, basic practices are core… before use of any tool. Tools are useful when employed correctly, with discipline, and have basic core practices behind it.

      We review the validity and sometimes (potential) value of tools. Hope that helps!

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