I Thought Love Was Only True in Fairy Tales

It’s early afternoon and blasting hot in ATL – even “hotter” in the big conf room. I’ve joined a combined-teams Sprint Review complete with “where-we-are” demos.  The audience is stakeholders and product: QA, development, prod mgt, sales support, marketing and the Exec.  Major apologies if I missed anyone.

Way Cool Different

The two development teams were the rock stars. They presented their work and planning brilliantly.  Top managers were in the room and participated. Proxies from the sales organization provided input, anything to enhance, make it relevant, get answers.

Half-way through the Scrum

In the previous week, these teams saw our most current sales demo from one our best. The lights came on and stayed on.  After seeing how their code affects clients’ UX, these Agile developers adjusted the backlog. Seems a no-brainer, but actually it’s a great benefit and quite unusual if you aren’t an Agile shop.

One after another, teams discussed how they tried stuff and got it better. If they didn’t fix it or found dependencies, they marked it down for the next iterative. MVP includes customer benefits, for sure.

I’m Jazzed

  • Backlog reordering was done completely by the teams, no interference or “calling of the shots” by us suits. Of course! you say, this is Agile.
  • The team’s re-alignment of stories drove the most benefit to what emerged to be critical as they worked on it. Cadance didn’t change, velocity might have slowed a tad while projects shuffled, and nothing was lost, forgotten or shelved, merely reordered. Again, Agile practice. Even with some Agile Marketers.
  • Marketing saw firsthand what was done and tested and received a preview of what’s next. Now I call that business value!


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