[Humor] – My New Agile Software Development Methodology

I truly believe I have NEVER laughed so hard in my entire life around an Agile-focused blog post. I laughed heartily and loud, for a long time. Maybe this shows my “sick humor.” Here it is:

I have invented a new Agile software development methodology. It makes use of analogy and metaphor as valuable tools.

My new process is based on Scrum, but it uses a modified system of iteration which I call “Rotations.” So I have named this new methodology “Scrotum.”

Like Scrum and Kanban, its basic workings are deceptively simple and easy to describe: at the meeting for each Rotation, you determine Necessary Adjustments to Improve the Rotation, or N.A.I.R.

Then, every Rotation, you simply apply N.A.I.R. to the Scrotum, until everything is nice and smooth.

Rinse. Repeat.

You will find that all those hairy development problems you used to have will almost magically disappear.

[VIA: UtterlyPreposterous]

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