HR and Programmer Resumes

This comic might be a bit old, but is it true? If it’s true, then it stands the test of time!

I found myself nodding to so many of these points as I read through it. What do you think?


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  1. I think this is closer to the truth than we may all want to admit. That’s why I used to ask HR to stay out of my hair and have the dev team refer friends. I only involved HR at the end of the process, not at the beginning.

  2. Great advice for anyone writing CVs, short and true.

    I used to tell friends to review their own resume from the point of view of an average HR person and mark everything green that he/she might understand. The more green the paper gets, the more likely to be invited for a job interview. I guess most HR people also expect “resources” to fit into one of their pots, into exactly one. Let’s say you are an experienced user interaction designer and 5 years+ Linux kernel hacker who writes Kanban books…. better write multiple resumes or you’ll confuse those poor people. 🙂

    Greetings from an agilist in Sweden.

  3. I guess you guys have just been dealing with the wrong recruiters. 🙂 As a specialist IT recruiter I can tell you that a lot of the programmer’s view is the same things I would look for, both positive and negative. So the list is pretty true still I think (great find by the way Peter), but the view of HR needs to be updated fellas 😉

    1. Ha! Yep. Stay tuned for a post this week about developers: That developers are more collaborative and communicative than we may have thought… or at least, wired that way.

  4. Too true, not necessarily in the detail, but certainly in the concept. I would add, about midway up the green:

    Shows self-documenting principles in example code
    Example code is greater than 10 pages
    Can explain off-the-cuff the personal challenges and triumphs and ‘eureka’ moments for sample code, and implications for future projects
    Shows interest and thoughtful nature when challenged, rather than ‘I know’ attitude

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