How to Promote your Blog Posts for More Traffic

How can you steadily build traffic and readership for your blog?

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If you are a devoted blogger, who posts on a regular (weekly or daily) basis, then you’ve already taken the first step to promote your blog posts for more traffic. Posting regularly is a crucial step in getting your readers to return. How can you expose your posts to a large circle of new readers and grow your audience?

Focus on topics your audienceĀ will want to share based on the social media and keyword research that we’ve discussed previously. Next use a variety of proven blog post formats that attract people who like to share links on the interenet. Here are some blog post types that people like to share:

  • List articles such as the Ten Best or the Ten Worst of anything
  • Video demonstrations of how things work or how to make things
  • Video interviews
  • How to do it articles
  • Photos of people and activities from club events, seminars or presentations
  • Interviews with experts in your field
  • Infographics that share fascinating or little known facts

Once you’ve created your blog posts you want to make sure that they are spread by blog readers to the widest audience. This part is crucial.

In any group of followers or friends on social networks and socialĀ  bookmark sites, there are people who read and there are people who share links and content. Take the time to read recent posts for the last week from your contacts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or forums. Among all your friends, locate the ones who post the most often. These super linkers are your key to future traffic. Once you locate these super linkers, take the time to start sharing there blog posts or favorite links. Occasionally, you can ask them to share your better blog posts.

Next find forums that cover the same specialized topic that your blog covers. With a little use of search engines you can rapidly locate forums that cover almost any topic. Take the time to join these forums and participate in other conversations. Occasionally it will be appropriate for you to reference one of your own blog posts that addresses a popular topic in the forum. Be careful in how often you post links to your blog posts. Some forums don’t allow this practice. However, if your blog post contributes something to the discussion, it can be appropriate to share a link to your own blog or another blog. This can really beĀ  useful to other forum readers if your blog post solves a problem or explains something complicated.

You can also use this method of sharing blog posts that agree with or disagree with some one else in a blog, on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+. Ā If your blog posts regularly feature photos, infographics or images, you may want to post blog updates to Pinterest, Tumblr or Ffffound.


  1. Create new blog posts on a reliable schedule that brings readers back every few days
  2. Post inĀ blog post formats that people like to share
  3. Feed your new blog posts to social contacts who like to share content
  4. Link to your new blog posts through your social networks


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