Hospital Paperwork – Agile Baby Opportunity?



Hospital paperwork. It’s a beast. 12 different forms need signing before you even “begin” the labor process.

As I watched my wife sign her life away, what came to mind?

“There has GOT to be a better way of doing this. It takes so long to read through it, most all of it is standard (being pre-printed) and not customized. Therefore, there (can) be a way to (potentially?) review and sign this before we arrive.”

For those that have kids, you know that the process of having a child is just as unknown as software development can be. You don’t know the timing of things to align, you have human-constraints (docs/nurses), etc etc. Iterative baby-making is impossible, obviously, but at the tail end (having done this baby process before), I’ve already taken plenty of notes of where we can streamline the “hardware” (paper) issues.

This post is long “overdue” as I wanted to wait until things calmed down :).

Regardless, there are opportunities to improve things all around us. This is truly the spirit of agile. The best part of Agile is everyone working together, collaboratively, having fun, creating quality software. When you’re at that point, you’ll never want to leave. The gift of Agile is a blessing! Just like a new child.

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