6 Replies to “History of Software Testing”

  1. Humor is good, especially on Friday. Long week.

    I’m feeling badly for testers & teams in “Post-Agile” who are still operating in “until recently.” If they see your graphic they’ll really ask “were’s the luv?”

  2. “Expert testers are my best allies…no, friends!” That’s what we should be hearing from the best developers who major in coding, and minor in testing. And how about the inverse?

    Coders who can test, and testers who can code? Imagine that!

  3. Having worn both hats, I have dealt with this. The Asset and “Until Recently ” part. I have spent weekends in office and fought with “friend” developers.

    Then we went iterative & later agile. And really it was like ken mentioned, development were making sure they tested their code enough before handing to testers. 🙂

    Cool post!

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