Hippies Love Agile Software Development

Nick Oostvogels wrote a post that just made us #LOL in our seats. We’re not quite sure where the idea came from that hippies and beatniks cannot do real Agile, but we’re sure they can. Maybe it’s more like an Agile Cult.

Regardless, Nick puts together a quick-and-dirty defense for five (5) foundations of common-day-Agile and why they are valuable for the business.

1. Daily stand-up

  • Impression:  15 minutes of jabbering about details and drinking coffee.
  • Reality:  A timeboxed meeting requires great discipline from all attendees.

2. Retrospectives

  • Impression:  A chance for the team to complain about management.
  • Reality: By focusing on improvement, these sessions can be creative and energizing finding new opportunities to work better in the future.

3. Planning poker

  • Impression:  Childish game that provides food for discussion about scope.
  • Reality:  Studies have proven that estimates which are made by the people ending up doing the job, are more accurate.  The benefit of estimating in group is that your personal understanding gets enriched by each persons view of the task at hand.

4. Pair programming

  • Impression:  A way to double the cost on your project.
  • Reality:  You don’t waste any time checking e-mail, surfing the web or just daydreaming and defect rates and technical debt will be lower.

5. Task board with post-its

  • Impression:  Back to the stone age.
  • Reality:  Visualizing the teams workflow is crucial so that everybody sees the work and can attack issues when they arise.

So whether you’re a blue collar executive or a hippie. You can do Agile. If you’re a beginning Agile team, pick up one of these foundational elements and try it out. Start small. Soon you’ll be amped up enough to go out and do something really crazy with the hippies in your corn field (See video below).

Or you can cry for trees. #fail

[HT: Noostvog]

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  1. The first video made me laugh out loud and it made a few people in the room stop and look at me. (I’m a loud laugher)

    I had to stop watching the second video. Seriously!? Don’t worry, ya hippies, 2012 is coming. I’ll send you a few Cool-Aid packs if you can’t wait that long.

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