Help @agile_reception Reach Her Goals + Agile Stuff

This post is a quick follow-up to our last post on Agile products. One of our readers, @agile_reception let us know where to get more Agile stuff! On

We’re wondering if this post may help or hurt her job. But oh well. It’s the internet folks!

Help the Agile Receptionist Reach Her Goals of Being a Certified ScrumMaster

BUY HER MUGS HERE. I’m sure profits will go to the CSM goal.

We googled “Agile Gifts” and found that it’s true. Zazzle is the place to get Agile swag. Check it out below:

Get some Agile stuff here:

Now it’s just a matter of SEO getting Agile Receptionist’s stuff to the top of the search engines…

Thanks Agile Receptionist!

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