Has Soccer Changed The Way We Do Business?

I found an interesting article by Todd Dewett about how “Soccer Has Ruined America.” His suggestion for how best to improve our economy in the long-term has little to do with stimulus spending or reductions in the size of government. Todd’s favorite recipe for economic recovery: the elimination of youth soccer from the United States!

The real underlying culprit is our suicidal belief that every kid deserves a trophy. The adult version of this mental disease is the belief that every employee deserves recognition as a super performer. A generation of soccer kids who were all told they are number one now dominates the modern workplace – and they want their trophy!

Interesting idea. I would agree and disagree with this statement.

Todd goes on to say that his belief is that we must treat people the same and not the same at the same time. We treat people the same by providing a positive and transparent workplace. We treat people not the same by clearly recognizing and rewarding contingent on performance. We differentiate based on performance!

While I’m all about differentiation and providing people the ability to succeed in their work, I’m not so sure that soccer… or kids sports is the real issue. As a father, good parenting goes a long way. 🙂

I think the real issue is our educational system, where we truly DO celebrate mediocrity (where you can get a certificate for being “on time” for class 30 days in a row).

None of this, however, speaks to team-building, or the facets that make up a high performing Agile team.

The question I have is: “How can you continually grow a high-performing team in a world where people feel they need to be super recognized?”

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