Hanging Out with Agile Scout – Meeting Tweeps

Meeting online tweeps is very cool. There’s something special about meeting twitter-folk in real life. It’s just pure fun.

Agile Scout was at the latest TweetUp this past week and got to meet some very fine folk and we even were able to go to the Atlanta Catalyst 2010 conference and meet up with some of the very finest technology geeks running the backend of the conference (live blogging, live podcasts, live interviews, etc).

Reminds us of how important face-to-face interaction really is.

We also got to see how the technology-folk of this conference roll: SHOWER-STYLE.

Yes. They are shacked up in the shower under the conference center. Talk about hard-core!

We fully support those willing to do what it takes to cover a conference and do their best to bring relevant content to the masses. We salute the Bathroom-Bloggers! We here at Agile Scout hope that when we cover the upcoming WC&WCBA Conference coming up we’re not stuck in a shower or bathroom, but hey, we’ll do what we need to do!

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