Going Global – PDMA Georgia [Series 1/5]

Something innovative happened again at KO HQ this Thursday

The PDMA| Georgia chapter held it’s 9th annual Summit – topics were global in scope but personal in focus. Much shared learning and best practices offered. A very good reason to step away from desks/deliverables and come together with like-minded product professionals.

Innovators may already be intuitively using Agile

Top-line takeaways from the Round Table

  • Get a handle on things that bite in your planning stage, not during execution (import laws, regulations)
  • RESONATE! – don’t just BE in the chosen markets (do provide consistency, quality, awesome user experience)
  • Create RELEVANCY- use everything around your product to do this
  • LISTEN, partner with a local  –  help your prospects ARTICULATE their unique drivers
  • Walk a mile in their shoes is STEP ONE – learn your biases and “things you don’t know you don’t know”
  • When you KNOW your customer, only then modify your product
  • Think INCREMENTALLY – message first before modifying product is a successful strategy
  • ADAPT – iterate as you learn more
  • MEASURE your successes and failures – learn from each lesson

Tying these back to Agile Marketing practice

  • Iteration planning
  • User stories
  • Collaboration
  • Personas
  • MVP
  • Continuous improvements
  • Iteration review


Next up  – How a  company in the iron age remade itself by learning their customers’ unique drivers

4 Replies to “Going Global – PDMA Georgia [Series 1/5]”

  1. Glad to do it. Everyone at the Designing for Global Markets provided insightful learning. Much of what was discussed during that Round Table was repeated in the general sessions.

    My favorite take-away is Get a Handle on Things that Bite in the planning stages…what was yours?



  2. Karol

    I also missed this panel and appreciate your coverage. The next blog on what AGCO presented should be great. I thought it exemplified what PDMA does for the community. It gives a forum to practitioners who have inserted product development best practices so we can learn from them. The multiple industry presentations demonstrated how we face similar issues when developing new products and services and can learn from each other what can work by applying someone elses successful tactics and tools.


  3. Frank, thank you and all your volunteers for putting on a grand Summit.

    PDMA gives back to the community? sounds so Agile!

    Yes the sessions were truly a multi-industry, multi-cultural and thought provoking. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

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