[Giveaway] – iPad? Love Agile? Capture your Retrospective Notes!

Retrospectives App for iPad GIVEAWAY!

Retail Price? $2.99! YAY!

For agile developers who reflect at regular intervals on how to improve their processes, this app provides a set of discussion tools that can be used to brainstorm and energize their retrospective meetings.

While not pretending to replace the collective discussion involving physical whiteboards and stickies, this app benefits those who like to prepare inputs for retrospectives or search for an easy way to capture and share the results.


  • Touch based whiteboard and sticky notes
  • Timeline – a visual overview of the events that occurred in the retrospective period
  • Radar – helps the team to gather data on how well they are doing on a variety of measures
  • Leaning Matrix – used to to find out what is significant about the data and generate insights on what should be repeated, changed, tried as well as to congratulate team members on a job well done
  • Short Subjects – used when a quick way to review and decide what to do is needed
  • Starfish – used to reflect on various degrees of things to bring up to discussion
  • Positive / Delta – discuss things to keep and change in the next retrospective
  • Twitter and email sharing


Throw us a comment on how you would use this iPad app for your RETROSPECTIVES.

We’ll choose… 3 winners! 

That is all. 🙂


4 Replies to “[Giveaway] – iPad? Love Agile? Capture your Retrospective Notes!”

  1. I think it is a good way to normalize results of retrospectives and then it may be easier to compare from time to time these results and analyze improvement results.
    I would like to check if it would be easy to publish the results of the retro on our team wiki, but emailing is already a good thing ;o)

  2. I would not use it as much during the actual retrospective to record as a facilitator.
    However, I could see myself using it to refer to artifacts of previous retrospectives. Certainly the timelines.

  3. I think it is a different approach to capture and document the outcomes of the retro. To often the retro happens, notes are taken, these are then added to a wiki page or blend into the wall these have been stuck on. This highly visual approach is a nice way to capture the info.

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