[Giveaway] – How to Build a Successful Blog Business

We’re moving into December, and for all you bloggers out there, who may want to improve their strategy as a blogger… this may just be the book for you.

How to Build a Successful Blog Business

“How to Build a Successful Blog Business is a straight forward guide to building a publishing business online that covers everything from choosing a niche to hiring staff, registering a business to selling it, finding traffic to monetizing it. Whether you are interested in creating an additional income stream or building a fully-fledged business, this is an essential read for web entrepreneurs and online publishers. Collis is a web veteran with a wealth of experience and an easy to read style. He has founded sites such as the Tuts+ network, the Envato Marketplaces, FreelanceSwitch and AppStorm which combined serve up over 50 million pageviews a month.”

If you want even more information on how to become an awesome blogger that makes cash, check out Tentblogger.com.

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Simple. Jump on it! Contest entry closes (for this month) on Dec 16th, 11:59PM.

Boom goes the dynamite.

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