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[This is part of 2011 Monthly Book Giveaways with AgileScout!]

This month’s giveaway is The Executive’s Guide to Information Technology.

Review by Joe Santana:

“The Executives Guide to Information Technology is an excellent resource that is a must have for IT managers and top executives that want to get the most out of their IT investments. Every IT manager and executive should read this book to understand how to effectively manage information technology for business value. Likewise, non-IT managers and executives will learn a great deal about the inner-workings of IT and how to work with their IT brethren in the most effective way for the greatest benefits to their company. (CFOs specifically will find this book incredibly illuminating and useful).

The book is extremely well organized and presents a well-balanced mixture of academic analysis and tested practices. The sheer knowledge and hard earned personal experiences of the authors comes through in every chapter. The descriptions of the challenges facing IT will resonate clearly with anyone who has ever held an executive position within an enterprise IT team. The solutions presented are equally clear and easy to follow. Overall, the book is simply packed with techniques for recognizing challenges, accurately assessing the current state of any component of IT, comparing that state to a target benchmark and developing actionable improvement plans. Finally, the CD-ROM included with the book contains all the spreadsheets, documents and checklist tools needed to put Baschab and Piot’s sage advice to immediate use.

In addition to being a highly informative volume, this is ultimately, as the title implies, a guidebook loaded with recipes for IT investment optimization success. After reading it, I suggest placing it on or near your desk where I am sure you will refer to it again and again. Also, I think that buying a copy of this book for each of their key IT managers would be one of the wisest investments a budget-squeezed CIO could make.”

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13 Replies to “[Giveaway] – Executives Guide to Information Technology”

  1. I think this may be an interesting read for even non executives like me who work in IT to see how others may or may not view IT and how we as IT people can get better.

  2. The review by Joe Santana, when viewed alone, would indicate this is a good read and helpful resource. Looking at other comments at retailers shows that Joe’s views are not alone. The book appears to be a solid handbook for the small – medium IT shop to answer the basic questions related to key areas. The chapters include discussions on Change Management, Organizational Alignment, Vendor Selection, and even ROI. This goes on my short list of next reads!

    1. Thanks! Yep. I loved it. It’s more of a guidebook than anything else. Something to keep on your desk when IT org issues come up. Grab the book, go to the chapter, get fed.

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  4. There’s been an interesting surge in for-profit leadership programs for IT Executives that are big on theory and less clear on practice. Would love to have a look at this.

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