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  1. That says it all! PLEASE…stop tweeting boring sh%%!! We don’t care about your latte’ being too cold, your meaningless errands, shallow pep talks, nor opinions about Ashton Kucher. Otherwise…tweet the GOOD STUFF only…please..it’s a viable tool if used properly, but lately Twitter has been a medium for broadcasting nothing.

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  3. The other night I saw a SNL skit (first time I’ve watched SNL in years). It depicted the “YouTube Generation” as delusional, narcissistic attention whores with baseless high self esteem. Though they have no ability (and nothing of value to add to a conversation), they’ve grown up in a culture where everyone always told them they’re great at everything. Granted, this is an extreme view. But, I still thought the skit had some great lines and worth watching if you have a few minutes. Link included below.


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