Forget CST! You can be an Agile Trainer from Home via Craigslist!

Investigative reporting at it’s peak here. Someone dropped this little gem in our inbox and we decided to check it out. So we emailed the listing. Had an interesting talk with a guy on the other line that seemed a bit sketchy to say the least. He wanted us to:

  1. Build out an Agile Coaching plan
  2. Give it to them
  3. They advertise it
  4. Clients pay for the webinar online
  5. You get paid!

It’s a win-win!


5 Replies to “Forget CST! You can be an Agile Trainer from Home via Craigslist!”

  1. Somehow your surprised. Another one that got me to smile recently was tweetscrum. A tool to avoid the human interaction part of the daily scrum.

    As Agile becomes more mainstream more people will jump on the bandwagon we will get more people who don’t understand.

    1. Yes. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This isn’t exactly what we think when we say “democratizing Agile” and breaking down the walls to entry… I guess anyone can be a “certified trainer” in ____ (something)…

    1. I’m not sure about public adoption… but some have already gotten the idea that they need some online training seminars to get clients to pay for… It’s capitalism isn’t it?

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