FIRST15.VLOG.2 – Sustainable Pace

Hero! Today I learned a lot. Keep executing guys!

See the vlog after the jump:

– Need to literally restart my computer after each cut. I cannot freaking wait to buy my PC! Let’s start tomorrow morning early with a BANG!!! Then it’s off to Tennessee!
– I need to use my egg timer to keep track of how long it takes. I need to ingrain this in my brain so that it becomes a muscle memory. Gotta train the brain!
– l needed to get on Facebook ( and Patreon ( – No worries if you don’t check them out. I’m just glad you’re here!
– Keep having fun and make sure you have a sustainable pace to it. Don’t exhaust yourself. Enjoy the ride. Everyday.

Thanks guys!
I’ll see y’all on the flipside!

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