First Ever PMI Agile Certification Course – In India?

The Project Management Institute is a big organization with many members, mostly with a “PMP” designation behind their name. Now that the PMI Agile certification is out and there are plenty of people with eyes on the new market opportunities, it was just a matter of time till courses were offered for it.

Looks like Jesse Fewell and the RippleRock crew hit gold first:

“Bangalore, India, 02 May 2011 RippleRock, announced today the creation and scheduled delivery of the first training course dedicated to the Agile Certification Program offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The course will take place June 3-5 in New Delhi, India in cooperation with the PMI North India Chapter, and will be delivered by Jesse Fewell, Managing Director, RippleRock India.”

Bam. Let the Agile PMI Certification market open up and may the best company win!

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