First Agile Country? – Philippines

According to O&B President and CEO Calen Legaspi, speaking at the Agile Executive Forum held last October 26 at the AIM Conference Center hosted by Orange and Bronze Software Labs (O&B), software development in the country has been generally traditional, where software is created through phases, interaction between stakeholders is limited by rigid processes, quality assurance is primarily manual and black-box, and very few metrics are gathered on the quality of the code if any.

He said that in an Agile environment, stakeholders collaborate as a single team through efficient interactions, quality assurance is predominantly automated and detailed to the smallest unit of code, rich metrics on the quality of the code are available almost to-the-minute, and useful working software is can be released to users even at the early part of a project due to incremental delivery.

To become competitive in a global setting, software development in the Philippines has to adapt Agile methodologies, a family of software development methodologies that has been shown by research to significantly increase success rates of software projects.

He stressed that the Agile methodology is just beginning to catch up among software developers in the Philippines, though Legaspi noted that majority of software firms in the US and Europe are already adopting it. He asserted that Filipino firms have been generally conservative in adapting to new processes. This is also a result of putting greater importance on conformity to traditional processes.

“We’re at an age where software increasingly permeates every aspect of business. It is becoming a competitive advantage even for traditional businesses like banking, logistics and utilities. Adopting Agile Software Development practices can put Filipino companies at equal footing with their global competitors.” Legaspi said.

Sounds good to me. Sounds like a call for a country to go Agile. Obama supposedly told America to go Agile... the UK government is going Agile. Maybe 2012 will be a year that Agile goes … governmental?

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