Ensuring Corporate Employees Hate Their Job


But on another note… something to consider.

As our older generation moves on… and our younger generations (like X and Y and Millennials) begin to take over the upper ranks of management… I know things will change. They always do. The question is: “How will they change?”

I’ll make a prediction:

  • I believe that our younger generations (despite how we older generations consider them [good/bad]) will get tired of corporate bullshit, bureaucracy, command-and-control management, and so-forth.
  • Even if you think younger generations are _______ (fill in a derogatory idea here), I think, you can’t deny that they (may) have something going for them in their overly-social, high-desire-to-be-autonomous-borderline-on-irresponsible ethos of sorts.
  • As Time Magazine focused on: Generation ME ME ME ME (The Millennials), even if they are self absorbed, in-tune with their feelings, and pretty narcissistic, it will change corporate culture over time.

For the better? Who knows…


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