Enable and Equip Your Product Owners

There are times when Agile coaching pays off big time. There is something to be said about consulting and helping a company become “more Agile.” It is something completely different to be part of the transformation and see all the hard work come together.

That is what I enjoy most about my job: Being part of a full Agile transformation and see the on-site full-time employees and executives not only take it seriously, but execute on it and let all the Agile workshops, training, and theory become reality.

Enable and Equip your Product Owners

Being a Product Owner is… serious business [See a webinar on Product Owners here].

It is one of the toughest yet rewarding roles in an Agile environment.

How do you neuter a Product Owner? How do you make a Product Owner unsuccessful? By not empowering and giving them the authority to make critical decisions with your Product. Micro-management has no place here. Command and control has no place here.

If you are a micro-managing command and control executive, stop it. Seriously. Trust your Product Owners, whom you’ve hired, to make the best decisions they can on your product. Trust them to course correct when they are wrong, but trust them and empower them to do their job.

During one of my client engagements I literally told the CEO of the company to have a transfer-of-power ceremony of his responsibilities to the Product Owners. Have a coronation, a formal event, in front of the entire company to show that he has officially transfered power.

He did.

Servant leadership is when a CEO trusts his people.

Need I beat this drum any more?

Make it Official:

Empower, equip, enable your Product Owners to do the job in which you’ve hired them for. Trust them and encourage them, and they’ll produce the best darn product imaginable.

I love my job. 🙂

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