[Email] – Scragilefall, Scrummerfall, Fragile, Scrumban, Wagile – Hybrid Agile Approaches Work?

I receive a lot of letters from random readers. This year, I hope to cover more of those emails and those questions:

Hi Peter –

The company I’m working with is considering a method called scragilefall as an incremental step between their current waterfall project management methodology and agile scrum, where they say they’d like to be in the near future. I’ve never heard of scragilefall before, and I’m not finding much information about it on the Web. Have you heard this hybrid method mentioned in any of your circles? Have you run across any information?



First and foremost, thanks for email me about this very interesting question!
When I first read “scragilefall” I laughed out loud. I thought it was humorous!
To your question: Yes I have heard of such things, though rarely in a ‘serious’ manner. Usually these types of words: Scragilefall, fragile, scrummerfall, wagile, scrumban, kanfall, etc are used with humor to depict a process that isn’t exactly working out right.
I have a couple questions:
  1. Assuming your business is serious about this, what are the “reasons” they are going with this type of hybrid approach? What are the benefits to this? — If it were me, on site, I would ask these types of questions to elicit what the real impetus of doing a hybrid approach is, and what the value of it is. Are we doing hybrid because we can’t really do “better Agile?” or are we doing this because our environment constrains us?… etc.
  2. Who is driving the change? What are the cultural implications of this change?
  3. Value value value – Who cares what we call it… is it valuable to change? – Again, what are the value propositions behind doing a blended approach?
  4. In sum total, ask a bunch of questions around this. That is where I would start.
All the best,
Peter Saddington
What are your thoughts?

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  2. I work for a large company in a forward thinking development (only) team. We’re trying to push things back out to the rest of the business and there have been successes, but mostly change is slow and difficult.

    However, within our team we have adopted many good ideas from Agile, Lean, plus any other sources that we find and we are always on the lookout for ways to improve what we are doing. We don’t call this Agile, but it does give us some agility. The names used above could be applied to how we work, but I would never use them.

    In my experience, it appears that once a name is chosen then a process is set in stone. Many companies will pick a methodology and then do that methodology, doing Agile instead of being Agile.
    My fear for the querent’s company is that “scragilefall” is the compromise that will end their agile journey.

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