[Announcement] – AgileScout invites Ed Hill as Executive Contributor

AgileScout.com is happy to announce that we’ve grown +1 (more!).

We’re happy to introduce Ed Hill as he joins AgileScout as an Executive Contributor.

Ed Hill is Search Marketing Manager. After many years of managing marketing projects the waterfall way, Ed believes that Agile marketing has made his marketing tactics faster to implement. Iterative Agile also helps the marketing team to test and to quickly identify successful marketing tactics. With short two week sprints, unsuccessful marketing initiatives are quickly identified and phased out. After 9 years in TV advertising, online marketing and SEO, Ed is a committed agile evangelist.

Ed’s specialty is combining search engine optimization, content building and social media marketing to gain the optimum effect in online marketing. Ed enjoys teaching these methods to make copywriters and marketing teams more effective.

Ed is a skilled photographer and enjoys mountain biking and hiking with his wife Stacey.

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