Double Presentation at Agile2013? Sweet!

agile-2013-nashville-peter-saddingtonAn email I received from Agile2013:
As you probably know we are trying an experiment at Agile2013 this year. A new track, “Crowdsourced”, will be built in real time by the attendees at the conference. The format is simple: attendees go to the submission system at where they will see a list of sessions available for voting; attendees can then vote for the sessions they would like to see by placing a star next to any sessions that they are interested in. The voting runs until Wednesday, and the 15 sessions with the most votes will be announced and scheduled for a Friday morning time slot.
Based on early feedback from the Agile2013 website, your sessions are very popular and people have been wait listed. In order to give attendees the most access to the content they wish to see, we would like to add your sessions to the Crowdsourced track and make it available for voting. This would give attendees a potential second opportunity to make it to your session. If your session is voted on, you would be scheduled into a room for9:00 AM Friday morning.
Sweet! Come and see me on Monday… or Friday! 🙂

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