Differences in Value – What is Your Value?

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Sometimes it’s great to sit back and think about your value. A little bit of self-introspection is good from time to time.

I recently listened to a speaker who talked about the value of time, saying that, “It wasn’t about what time it is, now, but rather, how much time you have left.” – His point was made clearer towards the end. Prioritize your life. What is the most valuable thing we should be pursuing now?

Well to grab onto those thought-strings for a bit, it made me wonder. What about my value?

So how does this apply to software development? Well lets look at it from a customer and development standpoint.

It would make sense that in many companies, our Customer value is: What (outside) customers are willing to buy. So the question to ask is: “What is valuable to our customers?”

That being said, our value from an IT development standpoint is: To complete projects that the business deems ‘mission critical’ (“Mission Critical” needs to be measureable  btw). The question to ask is: “What value does the IT/development team bring?”

Customer “Value” and IT Department “Value” are different.

It would make sense that when we speak about Agile bringing business “Value” we should also consider at what level our value is: Customer/Business/IT/Developer/Architectural.

So for some introspection for you, my reader, at what level are you bringing ‘value’ (As a Manager/PM/Arch/Dev/Design/Etc)?

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