Developing Cultures of Complexity –

This year I have spoken at many conferences and the focus for me this year… and probably many years to come have been around the “Culture of IT.”

In many of my workshops I often ask my participants a simple question:

Raise your hand if you think software development in your business is easy?

Most often, not a single hand raises. I follow up with a second question and elicit some feedback from the group:

What are the biggest struggles or hurdles to success in building your products or software?

The majority of responses I get back are not technology-related. They are human-related: Soft-skills. Culture issues. People problems.

Technology Doesn’t Build Software, People Do

W. Edwards Deming, renowned systems thinker (whom I leverage a lot) noted that workers are responsible for 10 to 20 percent of the quality problems in a factory, and that theremaining 80 to 90 percent is under management’s control.

Workers are responsible for communicating to management the information they possess regarding the system. Deming’s approach to quality and productivity management requires an organization-wide cultural transformation.

Right. As I consult with C-Level executives, this is exactly the point that needs to be made. After that, it’s simply a matter of how to change culture within a business.

Curious? You should be. We’ll explore more of that in due time.

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