Day 2 PW&WCBA – William Greenwald – Catalyzing Leadership Courage and Excellence

[Due to some personal reasons, Joey Fitts could not attend]

Leadership in People Make All the Difference

Great leaders listen seriously to the objections of others and pay attention to reasonable arguments. Because people naturally resist change, great leaders orient their people not only to expect change but to welcome it.

Look for good people in unlikely places!

  • Don’t look in the obvious places.
  • Look for the competency to perform well and the leadership ability to inspire others.
  • Do not hold their unconventional backgrounds against them.

Check out candidates personally!

  • Visit his or her current place of business and observe the operations carefully.
  • Have candidates demonstrate their competency.
  • Hire for emotional intelligence.

Teach by Example!

  • Leaders who demand excellence need to model excellence, or else they have no credibility.
  • Your people will learn more from observing you than from what you tell them, so always lead by example.
  • Parenting quotes that also apply to business leaders: “What you teach your children you teach their children.”

A Leaders Role: Eliminate Hassles!

  • Listen to customers
  • Learn first hand what is working and what is not
  • Harvest process solutions from your front-line

Why Agile Scout likes William Greenwald’s talk:

William went over 10 ways to grow leadership and man, it was a packed presentation. It flew by so quickly we weren’t able to cover all of the points! But hopefully we covered some of the most important. We’ll try to update this post when we can get our hands on the slides!

We especially liked the part of making people your brand. This is exactly what we here at wants to do. Community input, community involvement is all what we’re about.

“No matter how good your products and services are, you can’t achieve true excellence unless you: Attract, develop, and retain GREAT people.”

In terms of training for character it is imperative that you as a leader solidify your own character and identify what you stand for an help everyone on your team do the same. This resonates with us here at AgileScout because we love what we do: Agile software development! Find what you’re passionate about and do it with excellence!

“If you don’t think everyday is a good day… just try missing one!”

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